Maynge, i just unrolled your yo yo mother f***** what are you going to do about it huh?


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Am I the wolf or is the wolf the cause of my cry?

You used to…
Wonder if I was okay
Wonder if I was hungry
Curious to know what I was thinking
Try and motivate me
Ask if I was getting tired @ 11pm after being up for three days and dealing with bullshjt.

I lay here reading a new book.. and I got a sharp pain in my stomach hurts. I turned over I and sigh in hope it doesn’t. Before you would look at me like noting else mattered and have a genuine care for everypart. I wince in pain, and your gaze would meet mine.


When you don’t care to the point where you look past things… because you know its going to happen anyways and it has hurt you so much your numb to it, it can’t hurt you anymore, because it has somehow become an accepted part of your life. Is this love? Or falsified convince.

Alt-J (∆) - Matilda (Lyrics On Screen)